POM Series
Executive committee

Dr. Laura BELOFF

POM Beirut 2019
Steering committee

Dr. Laura BELOFF
Mr. Tarek MOURAD

POM Beirut 2019
Conference chairs

Dr. Laura BELOFF

POM Beirut 2019
Organizing committee

Mr. Tarek MOURAD
Ms. Yara AYOUB


AAVM – Automatic Art Validating Machine
Computer, printer, software & internet connection.
Tarek Mourad, 2019.

Connect, a Virtual Family Album
7 Digital captures on silver print 30x40cm each.
Dimitri Haddad, 2015-2016.

No Signal
Acrylic on canvas, 150x150cm.
Sarah Khayat, 2018.

Environment Built for Absence
(an unofficial/artificial sequel to J.G. Ballard’s “High Rise”)
Computer-generated text, HD video, sound, duration 17:45

Tivon Rice, 2018.

The Unspoken, The Ineffable
Sound and live visuals.
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, 2018-2019.

Lecture performance.
Peter Friess, Clarissa Ribeiro, 2019.


The weaponization of art
Royal College of Art
Matthew Wraith (United Kingdom)

The Nostalgia of Techno-Futurism: On Why Singularitarians Cannot Really Think the Singularity
San Francisco State Univeristy
David Pena-Guzman (United States)

Humankind at war with Mother Nature: In Greenland and away from the Anthropoceneland
Sabanci University
Murat Germen (Turkey)

Neural Narratives: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Storytelling
DXARTS – University of Washington Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media
Tivon Rice (Netherlands)

AI 2.0: Artificial Idiocy and Sound (Art)
American University of Beirut
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay (Lebanon)

Living/non-living: life and death of animals and plants in art practicesnd
National Autonomous University of Mexico
Mari­a Antonia Gonzãlez Valerio (Mexico)

Designing a text-neck: the body-entertained and modified by the use of smartphone
UniCesumar/ICETI and UEM
Tiago Franklin Rodrigues Lucena (Brazil)
Henrique Nogaroto (Brazil)
Glaukus Regiani Bueno (Brazil)

Sonic Brainwaves, Architectures and Neurofeedbacks
with the support of Prohelvetia
Luca Forcucci (Switzerland)

ISIS media production: aesthetics, ideology, and social implications on Muslim image.
Lebanese International University
Afif Arabi (Lebanon)

Electronic financial fraud: abstract, definitions, vulnerabilities, issues and causes
American University of Technology
Zahraa Hamoud (Lebanon)
Mustapha Hoballah (Lebanon)
Ali Hodroj (Lebanon)
Habib Awada (Lebanon)

Dissociation of mind (and matter): Umberto Boccioniâ view on the battlefield
Jagiellonian University
Konrad Wojnowski (Poland)

Peter Friess (Belgium)
Clarissa Ribeiro (Brazil)

Towards a philosophy of post-creative practices
Aarhus University
Jan Løhmann Stephensen (Denmark)

The Vein, the Fingerprint Machine and the Automatic Speed Detector
Queen Mary University of London
Catherine Charrett (United Kingdom)

Data polluters: Privacy, vulnerability and counter-surveillance.
Interface Cultures, Kunstuniversität Linz
César Escudero Andaluz (Austria)

SEMESTER: Lecture 1
Billy Mullaney (United States)

Transcending the Body Through Movement, Perception and Technology
ARTLAB Gallery
Afif Dimitri Haddad (Lebanon)

Radio Neural Networks
Aalto University
Juan Carlos Duarte Regino (Finland)

The effects of security threats responses and privacy challenges in a cloud computing environments
International university of Beirut
Imad Elzein (Lebanon)
Moustapha Kurdi (Lebanon)

Media Augmentation in the Arab World: The return of the repressed
International University of Beirut
Hassan Choubassi (Lebanon)
Joe Elias (Lebanon)
Tarek Mourad (Lebanon)

RE/ME: An immersive installation for reimagining and resculpting bodily self-perception
UP Open University / CogNovo Foundation / SEAD (Space Ecologies Art and Design)
Diego Maranan (Philippines)
Agi Haines (United Kingdom)
Frank Loesche (United Kingdom)
Sean Clarke (United Kingdom)
Patricia Calora (Philippines)
Angelo Vermeulen (Belgium)
Pieter Steyaert (Belgium)
Jane Grant (United Kingdom)

Effects of social media on relationships in Lebanon: A study case for Lebanon
International University of Beirut
Alia Ghaddar (Lebanon)
Fadi Yamout (Lebanon)
Mouhamad Hamadani (Lebanon)

Shakkei, the ‘here’ and the ‘there’.
Lebanese International University
Tarek Mourad (Lebanon)

Frail Frames
Art Department at Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture
Freja Bäckman (Finland)

Beauty Standards set by Social Media and their Influence on Women’s Body Image
The International University of Beirut
Fadi Yamout (Lebanon)
Alia Ghaddar (Lebanon)
Jenny Issa (Lebanon)

The Internet of Eyes – hostile devices in digital horror stories
University of Bergen
Marianne Gunderson (Norway)

The deception of an infinite view – exploring machine vision in digital art
University of Bergen
Linda Kronman (Norway)

Does Post-Internet mean Post-War?
Vilnius Academy of Arts
Jurij Dobriakov (Lithuania)

Excavating abandoned artificial life: a case study in digital media archeology
SEAD / Multimedia and Communication Technology, Faculty of Design and Technology, Erasmus University College, Brussels, Belgium
Pieter Steyaert (Belgium)
Angelo Vermeulen (Belgium)
Diego Maranan (Philippines)

The deception of an infinite view – exploring machine vision in digital art
University of Bergen
Linda Kronman (Norway)

Artistic Reconnaissance
University of Bergen
Andreas Zingerle (Austria)
Linda Kronman (Norway)

Modeling and simulating emotional fit between cultural minority and majority members in host society: an agent-based approach.
University of Amsterdam
Fatana Mirzada (Netherlands)
Jozefien De Leersnyder (Netherlands)

Regenerative synthetic ecosystems and evolving asteroid starships: a cybernetic reframing of the politics, poetics and ethics of space colonization
SEAD / TU Delft
Angelo Vermeulen (Belgium)
Pieter Steyaert (Belgium)
Diego Maranan (Philippines)
Franzes Brazier (Netherlands)

Master’s of the Screen: On Media, Optics, and Photography as Fatal Strategy
European Graduate School
Rebecca Sanchez (United States)

Negotiating FeLT- Futures of Living Technology Project
OsloMet- Oslo Metropolitan University
Kristin Bergaust (Norway)
Stefano Nichele (Norway)

Decolonizing the Digital? – Artistic Positionality & Post-Enlightenment Pathways for the Internet
KU Leuven
Alina Achenbach (Germany)

Open So(u)rcery: In/disciplined DIY Bodies
Berlin University of the Arts / Weizenbaum Institute
Michelle Christensen (Germany)
Florian Conradi (Germany)

Politics of Evidence: Sonifying the Geo-Political World
Aalborg University
Morten Søndergaard (Denmark)

Vigorous Activities
Royal College of Art
Greta Hauer (United Kingdom)

Electrifying Sexualities: On The Fluid Politics of Desire
Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Ana Maria Guzman Olmos (Germany)

Future of anthropocentric art.
Jukka Hautamäki (Finland)

Towards the Sensory Apparatus
Institut for Contemporary Art, TU Graz
Dejan Markovic (Austria)

The Acoustics of Politics and its influence on Urban Soundscapes
International University of Beirut
Elmoutasam Aziz (Lebanon)
Mazen Aziz (United States)
Laila Manasfi (United States)

POV-matter and machinic POV between affects and Umwelts
Aarhus University
Mitra Azar (Denmark)