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Politics of the Machines - Beirut 2019 - Art / Conflict

In an area afflicted with multifaceted conflicts, art can become an agent for dialogue, an agent for resolution, or it can get itself involved in the clash.

The 2nd edition of the POM Conference on Art/Conflict, POM Beirut 2019 will be hosted by the Institute of Visual Communication (IVC) under the Fine Arts & Design Department in collaboration with the Communication Arts and the Computer Science departments at the International University (IU) – Beirut campus, Lebanon, June 11-14, 2019. 

POM-conference series

The POM-conference series addresses the politics of the machines and the inescapable technological structures, as well as infrastructures of artistic production in-between human and non-human agency with critical and constructive perspectives. Where and when do experimental and artistic practices work beyond the human: machine and human: non-human dualisms towards biological, hybrid, cybernetic, vibrant, uncanny, overly material, darkly ecological and critical machines? How are we to analyze and contextualize alternative and experimental ontologies and epistemologies of artistic practices beyond transparent dualisms and objectification? How are the relationality and operationality of machines being negotiated into cultural and social ontologies? What are the politics – past, current, future – of these negotiations?

The POM – Politics of The Machines is a conference series founded by Laura Beloff, ITU Copenhagen, and Morten Søndergaard, AAU Aalborg, Denmark and is part of POMA: Independent Platform for Politics, Art and Machinic Activites.


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