Call for Participation

The call for participation falls in two steps:

First call – call for topics

deadline 30 November 2018

Call for topics, subthemes, and tracks of the conference from persons (individuals, institutions or teams). Call for expressions of interest in participation; chairing sessions, reviewing submissions, curating or volunteering their time to other conference work.

We are particularly interested in topics and expressions of interest that address research and ideas that are based on deep analysis / reflections/ perspectives concerning a wide range of art/conflict issues which take into consideration the general conference description and profile. We are also and particularly interested in perspectives, topics, and propositions that we did not (yet) consider.

Please note that we regard all proposals to be expressions of interest to act as reviewers in the second call review process, unless wishes to not review is explicitly requested.

Second call – call for abstracts

last updated January 2019

Based (mainly) on the proposals and people from the first call.

POM Beirut will comprise four days of conferences with multiple tracks of paper sessions, panels, workshops, exhibitions, and keynote speakers. The tracks will be generated based on a call for topics contextualized under the wide frame of Politics of the Machines, art/conflict. Each track will have several smaller thematic sessions for submission, each chaired by participants selected from the call for topics phase.

Through its suggested tracks, POM Beirut will be addressing subjects related to art practices in relation to conflicts and will be questioning several topics on the politics of the machines, and art production in the context of conflicts.